Hi, I’m Nearcyan, a younger-20s male researcher, creator, and much more, living in Dallas, TX, soon to be Austin, TX. I love talking about, creating things in, and learning about a variety of topics including software engineering, web development, information security, digital privacy, decentralized systems, cryptocurrencies and finance, AI and deep learning, rationality and incentive structures, music and music theory, and Japanese culture and anime. As 2021 I now spend the vast majority of my time in machine learning and artificial intelligence and their applications to end-users as I believe this field will have, by far, the largest impact on the lives of others in the near-future.

I run various websites on the Internet, with the most recent and popular being ThisAnimeDoesNotExist, a website showcasing state-of-the-art AI-generated images drawn in an anime style. The last service I made before that was Tagmap (a website to help people meet others near them that share the same Internet communities with >10,000 users), webm.red (a dead-simple webm host with >50,000 videos), and this website, NearCyan (a concise personal website and rare/part-time blog). Other websites include my current project, Koe.ai (launching soon tm), a real-time voice-cloning startup, and autogen.ai (not yet up), a curated list of services that let users directly interact with powerful AI models. I have about 10 other websites, most of which are small personal domains or services.

If you want to read some of my recent writing on this website (which I sadly rarely have time to do more of), consider reading my Supplements page on the long list of longevity supplements I take, my Against ReCaptcha page that discusses the many downsides of Google’s ReCaptcha with alternatives and best practices, or my Fact Checking Is Really Hard page for a slightly more political post that attempts to explain why fact checking is a much more difficult problem than many assume.

I’m always looking for new people to talk to about not only any of my interests, but anything cool that they are working on or thinking about! I have a semi-active Twitter account and often post comments to HackerNews. I particularly love people that create things, regardless of what they create, from software to music to books to games to esoteric things I have never thought about.

I play many instruments, with my favorite currently being piano and my past favorites having been 8-string guitar and drums. I’m generally self-employed and self-directed, with my income having come from varied sources in the past, with the most successful being cryptocurrency derivatives and options. My favorite genres of music include Artcore, Metal, and a few hundred others. As of 2021, I’m currently spending most of my time immersed in AI research and its applications to users, including working on Koe, anime generation, and and closely watching the progress of many amazing individuals and groups in the field, with a lot of exciting plans for the future.

If you think you’d like to talk to me, regardless of the topic, please don’t hesitate to say hi! The easiest ways to reach me are via Twitter and email, which is a@this domain.